Liquid Dip Molding/Coating

Dip coating of both flexible and rigid metal parts which provides resistance to corrosion, wear and abrasion, solvent and chemical resistance, electrical resistance, noise reduction, and moisture/weather resistance. Coatings are FDA approved, meet military specifications, available in endless array of textures, gloss, hardness, and colors. LEARN MORE

Fluidized Powder Dip Coating

Powder dip coatings applied to both metal and glass products including, but not limited to, nylon, PolyArmor, polyethylene, etc.  Powder coatings have excellent performance properties and adhesion along with very good resistance to greases, oils, fuels, alkalis, and many organic solvents.  Also exhibit very good stress crack resistance when exposed to chemicals.  Coatings are available in numerous textures and colors. LEARN MORE

Glass Bottle Safety Coating

Safety coating prevents “splattering” of bottle contents when bottle is accidently dropped or damaged due to impact. Bottle contents remain inside safety coated shell for period of time preventing major spillage, and preventing contents from coming in contact with a human, and/or equipment in the area. Capable of safety coating all size bottles, including clear and amber, small and wide mouth, and various shapes and sizes from 2 oz. up to 10L. Safety coating can also be applied after screen printing of glass bottles with logos, FDA information, barcodes, advertisements, etc. LEARN MORE

Screen Printing & Pad Printing

Screen and pad printing services offered on in-house coated products, or supplied non-coated products.  In-house capability to create production screens from customer’s artwork, and to make print changes in timely manner when requested, or necessary. LEARN MORE

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